Why don't they return to the table?
We will sign.
The mineral rights are yours.

Mr. McCandless is waiting
for your call.

You drive a hard bargain.
Pity we don't have more lI ke you.
Perhaps we would have
won the trade war.

Mr. McCandless is on line 17.
How'd it go?
Fun. I didn't make
friends, but I made a deal.

-Did we get exactly what we needed?
-And more.

That's good.
-Where are you?
-In Sydney.

I'm near the opera
for when the fat lady sings.

Something's come up.
The East-Pac deal is unglued.

I need you in Tokyo tonight.
-Can you handle it?
-Is this a promotion?

We'll discuss it
when the deal's done.

Andressen will brief
you in-flight.

-When will you be back?
-Tomorrow evening.

Call me if there's a problem.
Or if there's no problem. Bye.

Pull your hat down.
You look too healthy.

-I'm walking.
-You're standing out.