Game over.
You lose. Please try again.

You got a name, sugar?
It's Alex.
Talk to Club Channel.
How do you lI ke it here?

I don't.
Everyone's chasing me.
Really? What do they want?
My body.
The self-absorbed type.
Do you know what you're into?
You'll be killed for
being with him!

It's Furlong, the Freejack!
Break this wide and patch it in.
-You left him alone?
-He's resourceful.

-So what do you do, Alex?
-I race cars.

I mean I used to.
I guess I'm between jobs.

Get him out of here.
-We got network.
-We have Freejack Alex Furlong.

-Do you know how much you're worth?
- 10 million.

It's gone up. 15 million to anyone
who brings you in.

Bring me in?
I know someone who 's trying.
Goes by the name of Vacendak.
I got a message for you.

Fuck you, asshole.
Nobody's bringing me in.
Is this a hangover
in the future?

I've hidden people,
but he's too hot. . .