-So what do you do, Alex?
-I race cars.

I mean I used to.
I guess I'm between jobs.

Get him out of here.
-We got network.
-We have Freejack Alex Furlong.

-Do you know how much you're worth?
- 10 million.

It's gone up. 15 million to anyone
who brings you in.

Bring me in?
I know someone who 's trying.
Goes by the name of Vacendak.
I got a message for you.

Fuck you, asshole.
Nobody's bringing me in.
Is this a hangover
in the future?

I've hidden people,
but he's too hot. . .

. . .but he can't stay any place long.
Can't you help?
It's too big. Stop playing dumb,
you know what to do.

-Go to McCandless.
-I don't want him in this.

You have no choice.
He lI kes you. Go to him.

Explain the situation.
Be at his mercy.

Hi, how's Tokyo?
Something's come up.
I'm still in New York.

You're not in Tokyo?
How long have you known Julie?
Couple of years.
Haven't seen much of her lately.

Why is that?
She's busy wheeling and dealing.
McCandless owns her.
She can't be owned by anyone.