Glengarry Glen Ross

I can't make a goddamn
dollar with these leads,

and you're killing my ass
on the street.

- I'm sorry you aren't happy here.
- That's cute,

but you're running this office
like a bunch of bullshit.

You're on an override--
you make money, we make money.

- I'd like you to make more money.
- Then don't go waste my time.

- A sales conference?
- The strategy comes from downtown.

Oh, the strategy?
The strategy?

- Well, I think I'll pass.
- I wouldn't.

- Why is that?
- When you come, then you'll see.

- Shelly.
- John.

Are you ready
to do or die tonight?

Oh yeah,
always ready, John.

Always ready, John.
Now, one thing--

we were talking about the leads.
We got some new ones?

That's what we're going
to talk about at the meeting.

We are? Because I'm running
into a bit of a snag.

Yes, I've seen
your sales figures.

That's the leads.
You give me a better lead--

That's what we're going
to be talking about.

I'm in a bind--
personal problems.

- I could use a leg up.
- After the meeting.

- I hear the new Glengarry leads--
- After the meeting, Shel.

- Hey, Ricky.
- Hello, John.

- Wet out there tonight.
- Huh?

- Wet out there tonight.
- Uh-huh.

- Maybe it'll break the heat.
- Yeah.

Al, give me a quick J&B, huh?

Cutty, Al.
- They say...
- Huh?

they say it was so hot
downtown this afternoon,

grown men on the street corner
were going up to cops

begging the cops
to shoot them.

They say you should not drink
alcohol when it's so hot.

- Who says that?
- Something I read.

For they say
it dehydrates you.

They say
you should drink water,

but I subscribe to the law
of contrary public opinion.

If everyone thinks one thing,
then I say bet the other way.

Added to which,
you know they're wrong.

That's what I'm saying.