Glengarry Glen Ross

6:00 p.m. Morton Grove.''

When do you expect
her in?

This is Ricky Roma
from last night.

She'll remember.
Just, just-- wait a minute!

Just to say-- to thank her
for a wonderful time.

Thank you.
I'll call back later. Thank you.

They should check
if we're insured.

''10:00 p.m., Octavia.''
Please don't leave.
I'm going to talk to you.

- What's your name?
- Are you talking to me?

- That's right.
- My name is Richard Roma.

I-- you know,
they should be insured.

- What do you care?
- Then they wouldn't be so upset.

- Huh?
- They wouldn't be so upset.

- Mitch and Murray.
- Yeah, you're right.

That's right.
How are you?

I'm fine.
You mean the board?
You mean on the board?

Yes. Okay.
The board.

I'm fucked on the board.
I can't--

My mind must be other places,
'cause I can't--

You can't do what?

- I can't close them.
- Well, they're old.

Look, look at this shit
they're giving you. Huh?

- Yes, they are old.
- They're ancient.

''Clear Meadows.''
This shit's dead.

- It is dead.
- Waste of time.

- Yes. I'm no fucking good.
- Hey, fuck that shit, George.

You had a bad month.
You're a good man.

- I am?
- Yeah, you had a bad streak.

Look at this. 15 units, Mountain View,
the fucking things get stolen.

- He said he filed--
- He filed the big one.

He filed the guy from the bar
that I closed last night.

All the little ones,
I got to go back.

Can you believe this?
I got to go back and close again.