They're lying.
You know what I think?
I think you're nuts!

You got a zoo here, Doc!
I mean, really!

- What are you talkin' about, a zoo?
- A woman who thinks she's a wolf.

A guy who talks to General Patton
through the heating ducts.

Who let these wackos in here?
Wake up and smell the coffee, folks!

Hey! Watch your mouth, stupid!
- Gonna kill you!
- Get your hands off me!

- Don't you say that!
- Leave him!

What are you doing?!
We all have problems.
We're trying to help one another.

Now, help us out and let Jim
take you back to your room. Please.

- It's not right.
- I know.

- He shouldn't say that.
- I know.

All right, people, that's it for today.
Please leave your work on the table
and be sure your name's on it.

Mr Randall? Mr Randall.
Would you please leave
your watercolour over here?

Sure. Why not?
Let's see. Let's see what...
I don't have much of an art career
waiting for me, do I?

I think it's very interesting.
Wha... What?