Mary! Come...
- It's all right!
- Don't let them get me!

- Don't let them get me!
- Mary, it's OK.

- No!
- Honey, it's all right!

It's just a helicopter!
That's all it is, just a helicopter.

That's all it was, just a helicopter.
It's all right now. It's all right.
It's just a helicopter.
- You expecting someone?
- No.

- Yes?
- You must be Neil Chase!

You must be... what?
Wife? Girlfriend?

- Daughter.
- The man has such excellent genes!

Haven't eaten yet, I hope?
Thai. My treat.

Now, this way to the kitchen,
I presume.

- Caesar salad, perfect.
- Would you tell me who you are?

Where's my head? I know you,
but you do not know me.

My name is Addison Leach.
Still doesn't tell you what I do, does it?

I'm a ufologist.
My speciality is abductions.