- You expecting someone?
- No.

- Yes?
- You must be Neil Chase!

You must be... what?
Wife? Girlfriend?

- Daughter.
- The man has such excellent genes!

Haven't eaten yet, I hope?
Thai. My treat.

Now, this way to the kitchen,
I presume.

- Caesar salad, perfect.
- Would you tell me who you are?

Where's my head? I know you,
but you do not know me.

My name is Addison Leach.
Still doesn't tell you what I do, does it?

I'm a ufologist.
My speciality is abductions.

That pretty Japanese doctor
at the hospital contacted me

and told me of your interest.
I figured since I was springing for the
grub, you'd be delighted to see me.

Well, I'm here, you're here.
I'm hungry, you're hungry.
None of us have eaten.

Why don't we have some dinner?
I'll wise you up to some things
you ought to know. What do you say?

They occur regularly. Nobody bothers
except the few of us who know better.

Have you learned enough
to know better, Doctor?

If you mean do I believe in
flying saucers, absolutely not.

You seem like an intelligent man.
You'll change your mind.

I've investigated sightings
from Senegal to Manitoba.

The abductions in the Congo
are virtually identical

to the investigations
you've been making here.