You want to know about that object
we discovered, the pellet?

That's right.
Well, sir, I've, I've come across
some odd things in my day, yes indeed,

but I must admit that thing I found
in Mary's nose, that was strange.

I don't suppose you still have it.
My first instinct was to flush it away.
I didn't see any point in hanging on to it.
But then I had second thoughts.
Second thoughts are often the best,
don't you think?

I used a scanning electron microscope
to ascertain its structural form.

I discovered three minute
but distinct lobes.

The EDS revealed their chemical
make-up is 90% carbon, 10% oxygen.

It's an advanced conductive polymer,
the likes of which I've never seen.

I ran a culture test to see if the pellet
was a catalyst for a germ/viral growth.

What's that?
It seems that our object,
under certain circumstances,

goes from dormancy
to physical mutation.

Quite extraordinary. It's as if it were
trying to burrow into the sample dish.

You said the pellet mutates under certain
circumstances. What are they?

It alters in a moist environment
at a precise 98.6 degrees.