It's an advanced conductive polymer,
the likes of which I've never seen.

I ran a culture test to see if the pellet
was a catalyst for a germ/viral growth.

What's that?
It seems that our object,
under certain circumstances,

goes from dormancy
to physical mutation.

Quite extraordinary. It's as if it were
trying to burrow into the sample dish.

You said the pellet mutates under certain
circumstances. What are they?

It alters in a moist environment
at a precise 98.6 degrees.

It's almost as if the device was designed
to flourish inside the human body.

Will you still be needing it?
Needing what?
I'm sorry to say there's nothing left.

A little while after the last test,
it disintegrated before my eyes.

I took it to be some sort
of internal self-destruct mechanism.

It's clever and effective.
Not a trace remains.