Lesley... Les, you in there?
- Oh!
- Ray. Oh, Ray!

- Oh, baby. Oh, what happened?
- Something went wrong.

Dr Chase? Thank you for coming.
I'm Susan Goodburn.

Doctor, how is she?
She's sedated and resting.
Emotionally, she's still distraught.

The baby?
- What happened?
- We're not sure.

Everything was there: The placenta,
the umbilical cord, the embryonic sac.

But the foetus is gone.
I think she spontaneously
aborted last night,

flushed the foetus
and then blocked the memory.

- That's your field.
- Is her boyfriend here?

He's on duty.
He'll be here the minute he's off.

In the meantime,
she keeps asking for you.

Lesley, I'm sorry.
They did it, Dr Chase. They did it.
They took my baby. Do you understand?
They went inside me and took my baby.
It's not fair!
It was mine.
I hate them.
I hate them.