He's on duty.
He'll be here the minute he's off.

In the meantime,
she keeps asking for you.

Lesley, I'm sorry.
They did it, Dr Chase. They did it.
They took my baby. Do you understand?
They went inside me and took my baby.
It's not fair!
It was mine.
I hate them.
I hate them.
Well, well, well, a college professor.
You could have fooled me.

What did you think I was? A lion tamer?
Based on your last exit,
maybe an acrobat?

- What do you teach, anyway?
- Anthropology. You wanna enrol?

Actually, I came by
to return a favour... Cajun.

It's hard to tell
just what they are.

Everyone thinks outer space
because we call them aliens.

Who knows where they're from?
I am sure they won't be landing
on the White House lawn

or appearing on "Nightline".
OK, forget what they are. Where are
they from? What do they want?

Ask a hundred different experts and
get a hundred and ten different replies.