Well, well, well, a college professor.
You could have fooled me.

What did you think I was? A lion tamer?
Based on your last exit,
maybe an acrobat?

- What do you teach, anyway?
- Anthropology. You wanna enrol?

Actually, I came by
to return a favour... Cajun.

It's hard to tell
just what they are.

Everyone thinks outer space
because we call them aliens.

Who knows where they're from?
I am sure they won't be landing
on the White House lawn

or appearing on "Nightline".
OK, forget what they are. Where are
they from? What do they want?

Ask a hundred different experts and
get a hundred and ten different replies.

Exploration, curiosity, salvation...
Spin a wheel, take a choice.
Coming to you for answers, I'm crazy.
For answers, come to my
meeting tomorrow. Meet the experts.

All right, but I have a couple
of people I want to bring with me.

The more the merrier.
Good to see you again, Doc.

I knew you'd be back, but not quite
so soon. What turned you around?

I finally opened my eyes.
I'm Dan Blatt. I'm a golf pro.
For years I worked real hard
at suppressing all abduction memories.

Now that I remember,
I'm scared to death almost all the time.