Kurenai no buta

Hey! Cut that out.
Quiet! Be quiet, will you?!
Do something!
That's why I asked
if we wanted to take all of them.

Just for a second!
I'm not supposed to let you do this.
It's so beautiful!
Hey, look!
It's a red plane.
Where? Where?
Did you see it?
That's as far as you go!
Here it comes!
That's Porco Rosso!
Hey, I can't see.
Oh no!
It stopped.
We'll crash!

Not yet!
We've got another engine!

What the heck are you doing?
Fire! Fire!
That red plane's tough!
- You missed!
- You're in my way.

A morse coded message!
"You're beat. Do as I say."
Shut up!
There, he is coming!
Get your heads down!
Where, where did he go?
He must be hiding.
We are sinking.
We're going to sink! Sink!
We are not sinking.
This is a seaplane!

We're sinking!
Hey! Stop that!
Halt! You're hostages!