Kurenai no buta

- You missed!
- You're in my way.

A morse coded message!
"You're beat. Do as I say."
Shut up!
There, he is coming!
Get your heads down!
Where, where did he go?
He must be hiding.
We are sinking.
We're going to sink! Sink!
We are not sinking.
This is a seaplane!

We're sinking!
Hey! Stop that!
Halt! You're hostages!
Don't worry, mister.
We're all students at the swimming school.

That's not what I mean!
Another message!
"You can have half the money.
Give me the rest and the kids."

"Or I'll kill all of you."
Which means...
... half the money!
Shut up!
Come on, you swine!
It's you and me!

Take that!
It's broken.
It's over! We surrender!
We surrender!

Bye bye!
Play with us again?

Bye bye.
He left us enough for repairs.
Don't be such a sap!