Kurenai no buta

Just regular bullets? Not high-
explosive, or armor-piercing?

Listen, kid, we're not fighting
a war out there.

See you.
Thank you.
Excuse me, boss...
... how is war different from bounty hunting?
War profiteers are villains...
... bounty hunters are just stupid.
I've never heard of an air pirate
who was deeply in debt.

What else could we do?
We couldn't even pay for the paint.
Federation planes!
Why do we have to fly with
a bunch of losers like this?

It's all the pig's fault!
What's that?
Can't "Mamma Aiuto" even afford paint?
That is shabby!
It looks like everyone's here.
Hey, is Mr. America around?
He's up in the sun!
Right where he should be!
Sighted target
The Mediterranean Queen!
We're taking a ship that big?
That's why we all got together!
"Having engine trouble. Go first.
We will cover you."

"That's a dirty trick!
We follow the plan!"

"Then we share repair costs!"
"You gutless wonder! We pay
our own repairs, just like always!"

"We need to share the bullets too?"
"Engine trouble! Engine trouble!"
"We've just discussed this issue."
"If we can't share that, I will quit."
All of you, shut up!
Attention all passengers.
We are under attack by air pirates.
There is no need for alarm!