Kurenai no buta

He's up in the sun!
Right where he should be!
Sighted target
The Mediterranean Queen!
We're taking a ship that big?
That's why we all got together!
"Having engine trouble. Go first.
We will cover you."

"That's a dirty trick!
We follow the plan!"

"Then we share repair costs!"
"You gutless wonder! We pay
our own repairs, just like always!"

"We need to share the bullets too?"
"Engine trouble! Engine trouble!"
"We've just discussed this issue."
"If we can't share that, I will quit."
All of you, shut up!
Attention all passengers.
We are under attack by air pirates.
There is no need for alarm!
We carry two advanced fighter aircraft!
We will now introduce our pilots.
Number 1: The Black Stallion,
Signor Valleta!

Number 2: The Wolf of the Tiber,
Flying Officer Visconti!

I didn't know they had fighter protection.
That wasn't in the deal!
Aw, what a mess!
Get away from me! Curtis!
Right! Let's go!