Kurenai no buta

17! That's the same age I am now.
I can't quit being a girl...
... but let me try!
We've got the old drawings.

If it's no good, you don't have to pay.
Is it ok, grandpa?
She is my granddaughter, she'll do fine.
I took apart my first engine when I was 12.
Sleep on this.
We'll fix you a bed tomorrow.

The breakfast is at 7:00am.
You can take a hot shower.
I've left a towel already.

Have a good night.
You don't have enough money,
but we're old friends...

... so pay the rest later.
Goodmorning. Did you sleep well?
Did you work up all night?
This is the rough plan.
What do you think?

I want to redesign this wing section,
leaving the plane shape as it is.

That should give us five knots.
I'm surprised at the original plan.
The wing was also made of wood.
This plane is great.
The designer who designed
this wing must have know the wood very well.

I'm impressed.
They only made one of these.
It was too dangerous to fly.
I found it in a warehouse.
I thought so.
The way the wings are set...
... I'm surprised it even takes off.