Kurenai no buta

It's not just the caretaker government.
It's the royalists, too.
They want to link up
with the Pirates' Federation.

There's no money in
chasing pirates any more.

Here you are.
All this talk about a depression!
You ought to sell
your services somewhere, too.

A good pilot can make good money.
You got a cigarette?
Curtis is will go back to
America sooner or later.

We're the ones who should
go to America.

"Farewell to the days of
fun and freedom in the Adriatic."

Is that Byron?
No, me. See you.
See you later.
Porco, it's terrible!
Their fuel's three times
what it is back in Italy!

Give us a break!
We don't water our fuel here!
Man, girls are stupid!
Talk to her, will you?
Pay him, Fio.
Then stuff that bigger-than-it-looks
backside in with the machine gun.

Off to the hideout!
I'm putting the fuel on your bill!
They're fair. We help each other
when we need it.

It's pretty around here,
but no one's got much money.

Here we are.
That island is my home.

It's beautiful!