Shadows and Fog

- (men banging)
- Kleinman, open up!

- Kleinman!
- We know you're in there!

Come on, Kleinman!
l'm coming! l'm coming!
- For God's sake, Kleinman. Are you deaf?
- What do you mean? What's going on?

- We need you. Get dressed.
- Why?

- Don't play ignorant.
- l was in a deep sleep.

- We expect the killer to strike tonight.
- What killer?

- The strangler.
- What strangler?

The maniac who killed Eisler's son
and choked Jensen with the piano wire.

Jensen? The... the...
the big night watchman?

That's right. Took him from behind.
Crept up, got him by the throat.
He was blue when we found him.

Saliva frozen down the corner
of his mouth.

Well, look, l've gotta be up early
tomorrow for work, so...

Don't play dumb. Tonight's a foggy night.
He always strikes in the fog.

Yeah, but, you see, this is a very
busy time for me in my firm.

l'm in competition for
a promotion with Simon Carr.

Don't you know no one
can walk the streets at night?