Shuang long hui

How do you know?
Come, get into the bed!
So fast?!

Don't be nervous.
Do it slowly, be patient.

Do whatever you want to do, I'm yours.
Come, raise your leg higher. Relax!
It's almost done.
Is it better to take off the clothes?
Don't get anxious!
Is this foreplay?
I'm helping you warm up,
to let your blood circulate better.
:23:44 it comfortable?
Hey... Fall asleep already?
It's so tiring to twist this hard.
I learned and grew up here.
Never thought I have to leave.
I haven't heard about people
slipping back to the mainland.

Great, we're the first ones there!
We may get listed
in Guinness World Record.

Is there any prize?
Whatever it is,
we'll share it equally; hold it!

It's me again. What are you doing?
Make a phone call to Barbara.
She told you her phone number?
Look it up in the telephone book, stupid!
Damn, I take off my hat to you.
You made me very comfortable last night.
Miss, what do you want to drink?
Boss, you're late.
Don't bother me, go talk to him.
What's with him?
I don't want to say. Ask him.
Where's the money?
Tarzan, pay the money.

You pay.
The money's with you.

Cheaper, O.K?
Pay him.