Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

with the letter ''T''
imprinted on it.

Come here. Take a look.
Agent Desmond,
it's 3:30 in the morning.

Where are we going to sleep?
We're not.
We're going to get some food.

Ask lrene about that.
lrene out there.
Now, lrene is her name,
and it is night.

Don't go any further with it.
There's nothing good about it.
Thank you, Jack.
How's it going
with that goddamn lamp?

Federal Bureau of lnvestigation.
Special Agent Chet Desmond.
l'd like to ask a few questions
about Teresa Banks.

Jack said you knew her.
How well?
She only worked here a month.
Nice girl.
Never seemed
to get here on time, though.

You ask me,
she had a little problem with...

Did you ever see
Teresa Banks take cocaine?

Do you ever take cocaine, lrene?