Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

How's it going
with that goddamn lamp?

Federal Bureau of lnvestigation.
Special Agent Chet Desmond.
l'd like to ask a few questions
about Teresa Banks.

Jack said you knew her.
How well?
She only worked here a month.
Nice girl.
Never seemed
to get here on time, though.

You ask me,
she had a little problem with...

Did you ever see
Teresa Banks take cocaine?

Do you ever take cocaine, lrene?
No, l do not.
l never took cocaine
or any other drug.

l don't take drugs.
Nicotine's a drug.
Caffeine's a drug.
Who's the towhead?
Those drugs are legal.
He's with me.
you'd like to tell us...

about Teresa Banks
that might help us out?

l've been thinking about that.
You ask me...
her death was what you'd call...
a freak accident.
Are you talking about that
little girl that got murdered?

You got something to tell us?
l know shit from shinola.