A Bronx Tale

I had the Yankees, they've lost.
If it wasn't for bad luck,
I'd have no luck at all.

'Georgio the Whale.'
'As they say,
you didn't walk with Georgio,

you walked among him.'
'You could see him get fatter
by the hour.'

'Legend has it,
his shadow once killed a dog.'

'Frankie Coffeecake,
so called cos his face
looked like a coffee cake.'

'He was tough to look at.'
OK, kid, how're you doing?
'His name was Jimmy Whispers,
and he was Sonny's main man.'

'Everything was a secret to him.'
David KO knocked guys out,
and Bobby Bars spent half
his life behind them.

This was Sonny's crew,
and nobody fucked with them.

What are you doing here?
Didn't we tell you not to come here?
Didn't I tell you to come upstairs?

Wait till I tell your father.
What were you doing there?

I was looking for daddy.
Looking for daddy? That's very nice.
I have to go to the store.
Don't move. Wait here.

You hear me?
Whenever I saw Sonny I imitated him,
but still he would never look at me.
Sonny had five fingers,
but he only used three.

Come on, let's go. Move. Upstairs.
I'm not in the mood for steak.
Oh, you're not in the mood
for steak, huh?

You know how many times I have to
drive that bus so we can eat steak?