Bai fa mo nu zhuan

Next time I'm not sure
if you'd be as lucky

I'm sober while the others are all drunk
Come on!

Come again if you've the nerve!
I enjoy company with him
because I can do anything prohibited
by Master

Come on!
Fear not accusations
from a thousand fingers

if you're innocent
A life under others' influence
means no life
It's as good as dead!
Have you grasped what I said?
Never knew a furious man...
could be so kind-hearted
Sometimes I doubt if he was nice to me
only because...
I'm an orphan!
Cho Yi-hang
You stole a sheep from farmer
Ho Tor-niu's home 1 -1 7

Do you plead guilty or not?
He stole my sheep and
gave me a swollen face. Look
I meant to save it...
from getting butchered
Master told us to be chivalrous
And they wouldn't
even let go a small sheep

Do you plead guilty to hurting Tor-niu?
He called me beast and creep
I should've fed him with dog shit
What's so funny?
Chief, as a disciple of Wu Tang and
an heir to Chief, what Cho Yi-hang did
is a disgrace to the clan and