Bai fa mo nu zhuan

Have you grasped what I said?
Never knew a furious man...
could be so kind-hearted
Sometimes I doubt if he was nice to me
only because...
I'm an orphan!
Cho Yi-hang
You stole a sheep from farmer
Ho Tor-niu's home 1 -1 7

Do you plead guilty or not?
He stole my sheep and
gave me a swollen face. Look
I meant to save it...
from getting butchered
Master told us to be chivalrous
And they wouldn't
even let go a small sheep

Do you plead guilty to hurting Tor-niu?
He called me beast and creep
I should've fed him with dog shit
What's so funny?
Chief, as a disciple of Wu Tang and
an heir to Chief, what Cho Yi-hang did
is a disgrace to the clan and
Wu Tang's reputation
In fact, Uncle Pai Yun is not bad,
but he's overambitious
He wants to have his daughter succeed...
as the Chief against tradition
So I'm his eyesore
Calligraphy like swordplay
calls for stamina
He's my brother Lu Hsing-cheng
For any clans...
stamina comes
from the brush and strength

Practice energy with spirit
Practice energy with spirit
Move the brush with energy
Move the brush with energy
Waist more erect than brush
Waist more erect than brush
Raise wrist
Raise wrist
Arm like a dragon
Arm like a dragon
Sister is late
Sorry, dad!
Sit down now!
Practice calligraphy now
Cho Yi-hang, copy 500 times
to atone for your mistake

I already knew it