Bai fa mo nu zhuan

In my view
he may have been bewitched by that witch
I don't think it's as simple as that
That witch even spared his life
and followed him
They exchanged glances and
might have been intimate
Shut up!
How can one bewitched by a wolf girl
command Chung Yuan to fight foreigners?
Brother, you'd better reconsider...
a more suitable candidate
Shut up! Bring him back quickly
and let him explain to me personally
Brother, don't! Retire now!
Girls? I can give you 1 00...
much better than she?
No, I want her!
Are you out of your mind?
That bitch helped us
kill so many Chung Yuan men

Can she get away?
I must let her know...
she brought me the agony
Any agony can't compare
to our expulsion...

by that old Tzu Yang traitor
20 years ago

Chi Wu-shuang
You two got twisted...
by the cult
and brought mess
to the Chung Yuan swordplay world

Expelling your family
without killing you...

you're lucky