Bai fa mo nu zhuan

Brother, don't! Retire now!
Girls? I can give you 1 00...
much better than she?
No, I want her!
Are you out of your mind?
That bitch helped us
kill so many Chung Yuan men

Can she get away?
I must let her know...
she brought me the agony
Any agony can't compare
to our expulsion...

by that old Tzu Yang traitor
20 years ago

Chi Wu-shuang
You two got twisted...
by the cult
and brought mess
to the Chung Yuan swordplay world

Expelling your family
without killing you...

you're lucky
Kill them...
Quiet, chiefs!
These 2 rats are much condemned
for their crime

But as an orthodox clan,
we mustn't go too far

Chi Wu-shuang, we'll give you a chance
As of today,
don't ever set foot on Chung Yuan

Brother, we shouldn't cherish
any feeling for anyone

We must hate him, control him
We adopted the wolf girl to
utilize her to kill...
all Chung Yuan scoundrels only
She's merely our killing instrument
Remember that, understand?
Only we've friends
you can't afford to lose

Get out!
You're the most despicable