Body of Evidence

OK, let's go.
The neighbors saw you go
into Marsh's house at 8:30.

She's not denying she was there.
Did you have sex with him?
Did you handcuff him to the bed?
Don't tell me it's relevant,

You didn't have to answer that.
No, but we appreciate
her honesty and cooperation.

- Bullshit.
- When did you leave?

Around midnight, I suppose.
If I had known
it was going to matter...

I would've paid more attention.
Well, it's true, Frank.
There's nothing wrong
with saying that.

Miss Carlson,
do you use cocaine?

Cocaine use is illegal
in the state of Oregon.

I've never used it in Oregon.
Can we move on, please?
Did Mr. Marsh use cocaine?
The toxicology tests
came back positive for cocaine.

Then it's false positive,
because we never did drugs.

Not even poppers?
She just said
they didn't use drugs.

Amyl nitrate is often available
to heart patients.

Were you aware of
Mr. Marsh's heart condition?

He had arrhythmia.
That's not a heart condition.

Mr. Marsh had an advanced case
of heart disease.

He said it wasn't serious.
Why would he lie to you
about it?

I never know why men lie.
They just do.
Men lie.
Would you describe yourself
as a dominatrix?

Back off of this, Bob.
- A sadomasochist?
- That's it.

Interview's over. Let's go.
You want to charge her?
Go ahead.

Otherwise, you can reach
Miss Carlson through my office.

But I don't think
that'll be necessary.

- Reese.
- Right.

Rebecca Carlson...
you're under arrest
for the murder of Andrew Marsh.