Bound by Honor

Isn't that what
that snake tattoo means?

Hmm? lsn't that what
that snake tattoo means?

I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about, ese.

I'll tell you
what I'm talking about, pendejo.

You're a two-time loser, Smokey.
One more, and they're gonna
lockyou up for good.

So you better tell me about Onda, or
I'm gonna strap you down with the bitch.

You'll never see the streets again!
If I say anything, I'm dead meat.
I ain't gonna tell you shit, ese!

It's baby powder, baboso!
You write down every word I say.
Anything you don't understand,
you ask. I will answerjust once,
so write it down.

Precedents for habeas corpus,
cruel and unusual punishment here.

You're also allowed
to help on Durham decree.

How much can you charge for this?
You gotta know what
you're talking about first.

You do your homework,
jailhouse lawyer...

can make as much as any
mid-level attorney on the street.

I'm gonna live in here.
-Jerry, I don't mean to be nosy, but l--
-Then don't be.

All right, what? What is it?
I'm just wonderin', uh--
You own all those hardware stores.
How come you're in here?
Eleven tons of Colombian weed,
twelve keys of heroin...

and a pilot that turned
state's evidence.

Big time.
- Hey,Jer, I just want you
to handle my ca--
- All right, George.

- Hurry up,Jerry.
- Charlie, I didn't see yourjacket
here. You got an appointment?

The name's Carlos. Remember,
I'm paying you a lot of feria, ese.

- You make an appointment, Charlie.
- You should be working
on my case overtime.

Charlie! Cool out or get out.
George? Table.

Oye, Miklo.
You could take your leg offand hook
down some ofthe books from up top, ese.

Hey, I'm just kidding, ese.
Come here.

Oye, come here, man. Okay, relax.
I got the medicine
to make you well, vato.