Dazed and Confused

that they had to resort
to neo-McCarthyism.

They're just afraid some of us
might be having too good a time.

It's the old
age-suppressing-youth thing.

- Neo-McCarthism. I like that.
- That's good, Tommy.

And there you guys were in class
trying to list all the
Gilligan's Island episodes...

without even
a hint of irony.

What the hell
are you talkin' about?

- You weren't
thinking about it, were you?
- Gilligan's Island?

It's what's called
a male pornographic fantasy.

- Oh my--
- Think about it!

You're basically alone
on a deserted island with two
readily available women:

one a seductive
sex goddess type,

the other a healthy girl-next-door type
with a nice butt.

So guys have it all--
the Madonna and the whore.

Women get nothing.
We get a geek,
an overweight middle-aged guy,
some nerdy scientific type.

- I mean--
- The professor is sexy.

[ Don ]
Pink! Come on, man.

We're off to raise some hell.
Look at that!

[ Benny ]
Let's go kick some ass!

Hey, you guys.
You guys, wait up.

- What?
- Benny, I have a favor to ask ya.

-What do ya need?
-Take it easy on my brother this summer.

- All of you.
- Mitch Kramer?

- Yeah, Mitch Kramer.
- Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna
give him a beating...

- Ow!
- he'll never forget!

Just don't get him more than
the other guys, any of you.

- He's kinda little.
- You got our word, sis.

- Little brother'll be okay.
- Thanks.

See you guys. Ow!
- Benny! These guys, I don't know.
- Oh, you love it.

There's just a little bit of bullshit
in all that, right?

- Major bullshit. He's a dead man.
He's fuckin' dead!
- Shotgun!

[ Rock 'N' Roll On Car Radio ]
[ Benny ] Check it out. I been
waitin' three long years for this.

Those junior high kids
are dead meat. I promise.

We're gonna beat 'em!
- Oh, yeah.
- [ Engine And Radio Stop ]