Demolition Man

:40:03 sewn into the skin.
Sensors all over the city
can zero in on anyone at any time.

I can´t even conceive what you police
officers did before it was developed.

We worked. This fascist crap
makes me want to puke.

What do you think you´re scratching?
You really think we´d let you go
without control?

Your code was implanted
when you thawed.

Why not just shove a leash up my ass?
You dirty meat-eater!
No matter how Viking your era was...
...l cannot digest how
you ever wore a badge!

You´re going back, John Spartan,
you´re going back!

Could you two please
dump some hormones?!

We need every cortex we can get here.
We don´t need the Neanderthal.
Our computer has already
examined every scenario...

...resulting from the appearance
of Simon Phoenix.

It´s determined he´ll try to set up
a drug lab and form a crime syndicate.

That is correct.
I hate to interrupt you two...
...but that´s fucking stupid.
You think he wants to start a business?
Phoenix is going for a gun.
Plain and simple.
Trust me.
He´s going for a gun.
Who cares what this primate thinks?
Resonate some understanding.
The only place a person
can even view a gun in this city...

:41:18 at a museum.
Welcome to the San Angeles
Museum of Art and History.

Beneath you is an excavation...
...of an actual 20th century
street scene...

...of Los Angeles, preserved
since the earthquake of 2010.

For specific information
on objects featured in the exhibit....

Firearms are displayed in the Armory...
...located on Level A.
You are entering the Hall of Violence...
...a visual representation
of the primitive behavior prevalent...

...during the late 20th century.