Heaven & Earth

...was a Catholic, like the French...
...and that alone made him suspicious
to the Buddhists in our area.

The Northern leader, Ho Chi Minh...
...had been a great patriot
against the Japanese and the French.

We heard stories of his compassion
and his love for Vietnam.

What are they? Americans?
They say they all have blind blue eyes
behind their glasses.

If you take their shoes off,
they have soft feet and cry in pain.

Take away their glasses,
their boots, they can't fight.

Not very good soldiers.
Not very good fence.
Your president, Ngo Dinh Diem,
wants to know...

...what will you do if you see a Viet Cong...
...or hear about someone helping them.
Turn him in to the soldiers.
And get a big reward for every Viet Cong
you help capture.

During the day,
we were a government village.

But each night, when the soldiers returned
to their base and we played...

...there was never any shortage
of Viet Cong fighters.

One night, the Viet Cong came
for my teacher.

Have you been teaching these children
to betray their country? Traitor!