Heaven & Earth

Go now, you stupid gook asshole!
-What are you doing here?
-Papa's at the house. Paul's back.

Paul's back? So soon?
Paul, good to see you, honey!
This isn't a good time.
Oh, baby!
I'm six weeks in the fucking bush.
I need some pussy bad! Now!

Father came a long way to see me.
Not good time.

He's got time, I don't. Get him out!
Come back.
I need some pussy, now, baby. Now!
He pays my bills. He's my man.
-Will you come on?
-Give me a little time, Papa.

Come back in two hours.
Let's do it.
See you.
I came to see your sister.
She's at work.
Selling near the base.
-Is she doing well? Getting by?
-She's lazy.

-But I help her all I can.
-And the baby?

I don't know why she had to seduce
her master's husband.

When she got caught,
did she keep quiet? No!

Yes. She has brought shame on us.
An unwed mother.