Hot Shots! Part Deux

I hate it already,
and it's only been a few hours.

I'm so tired. We get up at 5:00a.m.
At first I thought they'd
handed me the wrong dossier.

I couldn't believe
they wanted this man dead.

Third generation West Point.
Top of his class.

Korea, Airborne...
...'bout a thousand decorations,
et cetera, et cetera.

I loved you in Wall Street!
Satellite reconnaissance indicates an enemy control boat has changed
course and is heading for our people.

Send the alert.
Hello, Lucky. Hello, Lucky.
Report my signal.

Report my signal. Over.
Hello, George Mike Walters.
Strength three. Over.

Recon reports Indians
on the warpath in your area. Over.

Ain't no Indians around here. Over.
Do not take literally.
Repeat. Do not take literally.

The vultures are circling
the carcass. Repeat.

The vultures are circling the carcass. Over.
I see a couple of gulls, but I don't...
The pit bull is out of the cage.
The crips are raiding the store.

Hey, you yanking my crank?
They came by and see a woman, they will
know we are masquerading.

Only men are allowed
to do the fishing.

Why did you have to come here now?
Of all the missions
in all the jungles, in all the world...

:43:48 had come walking into this one.
-Oh, Topper. I tried to stay away.

I thought I was never going to see you
again, that you were out of my life.

But it's a sequel.
I had to come.

Do you have any idea what
the critics will say?

-”Same warmed-over characters”
-Topper, stop it.