In the Name of the Father

- That wasn't too far away, was it?
- Is that a bomb, Paddy?

It's getting more like home.
Hello? Hold on, hold on.
Giuseppe. Giuseppe.
Long-distance call.

- What?
- Long-distance call.

- Go ahead.
- Hello?

- Ask him for the money.
- Hey, Da.

- It's Gerry speaking.
- Son.

- Hi. How are you doing?
- I'm fine. How are you?

It's been six weeks
since you've been in touch.

I know. Sorry about that.
I've been a bit busy.

It's just your ma's a bit worried,
you know. You still going to Mass?

- Aye, every Sunday. Like clockwork.
- Good.

- Are you working?
- I have a couple of things going here.

Ah, good.
And are you safe?

- How do you mean?
- From all the bombs.

Aye, you could just hear them
in the distance like, but--

Sorry about that.
- Are you stuck?
- How do you mean, Da?

Are you short of cash?
Uh, no. No, I'm flush
at the moment.

No problem.
No, I have plenty of money.

All right.
And, Gerry, keep in touch.

- Aye. All right. Bye-bye, Da.
- Alright, son. I'll tell your ma--

Sorry about that.
We've enough for chips.
Sorry, we'd only
enough money for two chips.

Are you all right?
There's bombs everywhere.
People have been hurt.

There they are.
It's the Irish.

Bringing all their troubles
over here again.

Aye, it's all right when it happens
over in Belfast. You fucking prick!

I've seen people killed
in front of my fucking eyes!

- You stupid fucking prick!
- Go home! Fuck you!

I don't fucking believe this.
I'm getting out of here.