Jurassic Park

Nothing to worry about, sir.
lt's going to be walk in park.
l don't think that
l'm doing this right.

Let's try to do first.
You got to do this slowly.
lt'll just take a little bit of time.
l can never tell what's rock
and what's bone.

Technically it's all rock.
But calcium in the bones
replace during fossilisation.

You can feel the difference, see.
Rough... smooth...
Rough... smooth...
Dr Grant!
Mr Brennan.
So how did it go?
lt's not too late to change
your major, Billy!

we gonna have backup in four weeks.

l have to run some equipment.
l got to show you something.
You like computers, right
l like the abacus, Billy.
Meet the future of paleontology.
lt's a rapid photo type.
l scanned them from
the raptor skeleton.

lf the computer breaks down
a thousand of slices.

And this thing scoops it.
One layer at a time.

lt's done.
l give you the resonating
chamber of velociraptor.

Listen to this.