Jurassic Park

Dr Grant!
Mr Brennan.
So how did it go?
lt's not too late to change
your major, Billy!

we gonna have backup in four weeks.

l have to run some equipment.
l got to show you something.
You like computers, right
l like the abacus, Billy.
Meet the future of paleontology.
lt's a rapid photo type.
l scanned them from
the raptor skeleton.

lf the computer breaks down
a thousand of slices.

And this thing scoops it.
One layer at a time.

lt's done.
l give you the resonating
chamber of velociraptor.

Listen to this.
This is brilliant, Billy.
All l have to say,
it's just a little bit too late.

Grant, Paul Kirby.
Kirby Enteprise.

My card.
How are you doing, Billy.?

What can l do for you,
Mr Kirby?

Well, the first thing,
l'm a great admirer of yours.

And l have a proposition and
l would like to discuss with you.

Would you have dinner with me
and my wife this evening?

lt'll be our treat.
That will be great, but...
l'm tired,
l have been travelling.
Maybe some other time.

Believe me.
This will be worth you a while.

We love to.
That's the spirit. Good.

See you this evening then.
-How are you?