Jurassic Park

This is brilliant, Billy.
All l have to say,
it's just a little bit too late.

Grant, Paul Kirby.
Kirby Enteprise.

My card.
How are you doing, Billy.?

What can l do for you,
Mr Kirby?

Well, the first thing,
l'm a great admirer of yours.

And l have a proposition and
l would like to discuss with you.

Would you have dinner with me
and my wife this evening?

lt'll be our treat.
That will be great, but...
l'm tired,
l have been travelling.
Maybe some other time.

Believe me.
This will be worth you a while.

We love to.
That's the spirit. Good.

See you this evening then.
-How are you?

So what are you boys drinking?
-lce peak cap.
-Two please.

We admire your work for years.
Really truly inspiring.
and l just love the outdoors.

We have been on just every adventure
that can come up with.

The Neil and everything.
We even have two seats reserved
on the first commercial flight
to the moon.

And for the wedding anniversary
this year,

we like to do something
really special...

-Once in a lifetime.

l've charged an airplane
to fly us lsla Sorna.

And we like you to be our guide.
There you go, guys.
This is a very kind offer,
Mr Kirby.

l'm a very very busy man.
l can recommend a couple
of guys who is highly qualified that...

No. No.
You are the best.

You'd seen these animals
in the flash.

There is even one comes close
to you.

You won't be able to fly
enough low

to see anything
that is really interesting.

That's the interesting part.