Point of No Return

It's a fancy way of saying,
if you believe you're pretty...

...then you will be pretty.
You'll see.
What do you do
when you're most uncomfortable?

When you're angry or scared?
I hit.
You might want to try smiling.
Just smile a little smile and...
...say something offhand.
It doesn't have to fit the situation, really.

Say, "l never did mind
about the little things."

Say it!
Please, dear.
A smile, and the sentence.
"I never did mind...."
"I never did mind...
"...about the little things."
Chin up. Shoulders back.
Have some pride in yourself.
Show me.
Yes, Maggie.
Better. Good.
"I lie down for a nap today.
"Yesterday I lay down for a nap.
"If something unfortunate happens,
I feel bad--"

Louder, please.
"I feel 'bad' about it, not 'badly.'
'Bad' is an adjective.

"Remember to say, 'It is a secret
between her and me.' Not, 'she and I."'

Turn it down, will you?
Please, turn it down.

People are beginning to complain.
Why don't you use the headset I got you?