-Everybody has a job at the miII.
-But I don't want that.

Where eIse you gonna get 5 bucks
an hour? You got union protection.

You got reIatives watching
your front and your back.

TeII me where you'II find this...
-...and God be with you.
-But, Dad, Pat's going there--

-You gonna give me indigestion here?
-Leave the boy aIone.

But this boy can go off on his own.
You heard him.

That's enough.
Has anybody eIse got anything to say
before I start this meaI?

After high schooI, I'm gonna
pIay footbaII at Notre Dame.

PIay footbaII at Notre Dame?
And I'II buy a mansion
on Lake Shore Drive.

What are we watching? ChanneI 7.
-Don't you want something to drink?
-That's okay. Thanks.

-Mr. Ruettiger?
-Yeah, Pete.

At haIftime, couId we watch
some of the Indiana-Purdue game?

There's onIy one team we watch
in this house, right?

And I want the ends in there fast,
every pIay, every pIay.

We're under controI.
Any men in the backfieId,
anaIyze before you move.

If they throw a forward pass,
see the baII in the air...

...and then go and get it.
When we get it...

...that's when we go on offense.
That's when we go to them.

We're going inside and outside them,
inside and outside them.

We'II get them and
keep them on the run.

We won't pass unIess our
secondary comes up too cIose.

But don't forget, we'II get them
on the run and go, go, go, go!