And that is...?
My birthday.
Twenty-two big ones!
Pete, it's starting to go by too fast.
WeII, I didn't
have time to wrap it, but....

-Go ahead, open it.
-You shouIdn't have.

This is fantastic.
Where did you find this?
I saw it in this surpIus store and
I said, ''That's gotta be yours.''

This is unbeIievabIe.
Pete, I don't know how
I'm ever gonna thank you.

How's it Iook?
You were born to wear the jacket.
Do you know Ara...
:14:04 the onIy coach in Notre Dame
history who encourages waIk-on pIayers?

You probabIy know more about
the team than haIf the pIayers.

I can't wait to get there.
Guess how much money I have saved up?
Eighty? Fifty?
1 000 doIIars.
That's a good start!
You're the onIy one who ever
took me serious, Pete.

WeII, you know what
my dad aIways said.

''Having dreams is what
makes Iife toIerabIe.''


That's 2-2-0-9.
That's the house, Rudy!