Six Degrees of Separation

- Seconds?
- Ah!

Blunt question. What's he like?
- Oh, let's not be star-fuckers.
- I'm not a star- fucker.

Well... you know my father. He's... perfect.
So confident and in control.
And I used to wonder how could
I ever possibly live up to him.

And then one night, when I was 16-
we were at the Cannes Film Festival,
of all places -

I looked up and said to him:
"Wow, Dad, this is all so easy for you."
Why did I say that?
He sat me down and set me straight.
Actually, it was a relief for me
to know my father was no superman.

That he has problems. And there are
moments in his life when he's scared.

And, yes, sometimes
life is whipping his tail.

And he doesn't feel like he can get
through the day. That's refreshing for me.

Because I have times like that myself.
I just loved the kid so much.
I wanted to reach out to him.

Then we asked him
what his thesis was on.

- The one that was stolen.
- Well...

A teacher out on Long lsland was dropped
from his job for fighting with a student.

Weeks later, he returned to the classroom,
shot the student - unsuccessfully,

held the class hostage,
and then shot himself - successfully.

This fact caught my eye.
Last sentence, Times -

"A neighbour described
the teacher as a nice boy,

always reading Catcher in the Rye. "
This nitwit Chapman,
who shot John Lennon,

said he did it to draw the attention
of the world to Catcher in the Rye,

and the reading of this book
would be his defence.