Swing Kids

Drink makes us weak.
Strength comes from purity.

Well, it's gratifying to know
that the Hitler Jugend...

is still training
their recruits so effectively.

If only I was a little younger.
I'd have not acquired
all these bad habits.

Comfort is the curse of age.
Everyone in Germany,
regardless of age...

must aspire to...
the highest principles
of National Socialism.

- Peter, don't be rude.
No, no.

He's quite right.
Go on, son.

What else about me
do you have objections to?

Polish sausage, French wine,
Swiss chocolate.

I would be more satisfied
with just good German fare.

And the music!
What kind of loyal
National Socialist...

would listen to anything else?
I won't have you talking
this way to our guest.

You must apologize.
Oh, no. No apologies.
He has found me out.
Well, Peter,
you must report me.

For surely they
would not allow me...

to remain at my post
if they knew.

How I envy the young.
For them,
everything is so clear.

Things seem to be
either one way or another.

It's only with a little age
that you begin to see life...

as a series of compromises.
But, even in compromising
one must draw a line.

And I see that I have strayed
from duty far enough.

Thank you, Peter.
It is true
what our Fuhrer says.

In Germany today, it is
our youth who lead the way.

Now, regrettably, I must leave.
Dear lady,
it has been delightful.

- You won't stay for the coffee?
- Excuse me. No. I must go.

- I'll see you to the door.
- Thank you.

Good night.