Andaz Apna Apna

Introduce us, Mr. Dhamru!
This is the Nawab Noorali Nizamuddin
Barkatali, alias Bade Miyan.

And this is Ameerali, Ashleelali,
Asli, alias Chhote Miyan.

And I am Damru Tehmurlang Turk.
So many names?
Where are the rest of them?

They're their names.
- Who are you?
- I'm her Sr. Executive Manager.

- And I'm the Junior.
- They appear to be servants.

Their faces say it all.
- We can't see our little girl.
- I'm looking for her, too.

Who's the 'little one'?
Raveena Bajaj has a function here.

She's the 'little one'.
She used to play in my lap!

And I used to carry her on my shoulder!
- She used to call me 'Uncle'...
- And I was younger uncle...

Oh, so you're her uncle!
You've come at the right time.
Today she...

...she will choose her bridegroom.
- Bridegroom?
- There are many suitors here...

Because of which we
arranged the function here.

- Idiot! Where are the suitors?
- Over there!

Take me there...
Shame on them!

Look, there they are!
Hey young men!
Come here and listen to me!

Just forget the idea of
getting married to Raveena!

Because she was engaged
when she was a child!

To Prem Singh, that is!
- Go away all of you. Get lost!
- No!

We will not leave!
We will not go!

- Deal with them, Dhumro!
- As you wish, Sir!