Blue Chips

Hey. Pete. step inside.
We're in trouble.
- l think we're in trouble.
- Yeah.

How's Tony?
Tony's fine. Tony's fine.
- ls he going to class?
- Yeah. he's going to class.

He's trying. lt's a struggle. though.
l love him. but if he flunks.
he deserves it.

Oh. l'm not gonna let him flunk.
You're here because
of Butch McRae. aren't you?

Yeah. Yeah.
- He's something. huh?
- Yeah. he's the best we've had.

And he's smart too.
He's got his head screwed on straight.

Doesn't make any mistakes.
- His father's not around. right?
- No.

l hear his mother is a piece of work.
ls a powerful piece of work.
l hear she wants money.
She wants money just to talk.

She only charges the schools
she doesn't like.

Well. did she like us?
She likes your science department
a whole lot better

than she likes
your basketball program.

l don't blame her.
They have a better record lately.

l can get her to waive the grand.
but if you try to bullshit Lavada McRae.
she will eat you alive.

- Coach Bell.
- Mrs. McRae.

Lavada McRae.
You have any trouble finding us?

No. No problem whatsoever.
- Come on in.
- All right.

- This is my son. Butch.
- Good to meet you. Butch.

- Thanks a lot. A pleasure to meet you.
- Wonderful game.

This is my mother. Miss Dorothy.
Oh. how do you do?
lt's good to meet you.

- My daughter Qiana.
- Hello. Qiana. how are you?

My baby. Britney. This is Alicia.
- All right. Britney.
- That's Alicia.

Alicia. good to meet you.
Britney. it's good to meet you.

lt's nice to meet you too.
Mrs. McRae. your children
are well-mannered.

That's good Catholic upbringing.