Blue Chips

but if you try to bullshit Lavada McRae.
she will eat you alive.

- Coach Bell.
- Mrs. McRae.

Lavada McRae.
You have any trouble finding us?

No. No problem whatsoever.
- Come on in.
- All right.

- This is my son. Butch.
- Good to meet you. Butch.

- Thanks a lot. A pleasure to meet you.
- Wonderful game.

This is my mother. Miss Dorothy.
Oh. how do you do?
lt's good to meet you.

- My daughter Qiana.
- Hello. Qiana. how are you?

My baby. Britney. This is Alicia.
- All right. Britney.
- That's Alicia.

Alicia. good to meet you.
Britney. it's good to meet you.

lt's nice to meet you too.
Mrs. McRae. your children
are well-mannered.

That's good Catholic upbringing.
You know what. l'm Catholic too.
l'm not.
l just send them all to St. Joseph's
because the priest and nuns
don't take no shit.

Butch. is there anything
you wanna ask Mr. Bell?

l don't know. Mom. L.A.?
- L.A. is a long ways from here.
- Yes. it is.

That's part of going to school.
Getting away from home.
meeting new friends.

We'd love you to come out
to Western and visit the campus.

l don't know. coach. l'll think about it.
l'm kind of scared
to take the college courses.

That's normal. Butch.
l mean. Dr. George Howe.
the head of our science department.

he's world-famous.
He loves basketball.

Are you implying that classes
are rigged for athletes?

Mrs. McRae. my players
take real classes.

My players do graduate.
l think the thing that l really wanted
to ask you is. will l start next year?

Well. you'll get the opportunity
to start. Butch.

l mean. our whole offense is gonna be
geared around the point guard.

And that's the position
we'd love you to come in and play.

l've been doing some thinking
about this. and...