Cabin Boy

your condescensions
towards others.

As a fancy lad,
respecting those around you is
both your duty and your obligation.

I'm sorry,, sir. I was just
pondering what drifter's corpse
you stole those shoes from.

- [ Giggling ]
- My God!

You are a hateful creature,
aren't you?

Come on, it was just a joke.
[ Chuckling ] Mmm.
[ Kissing ]

The origin of the bowler...
can be traced back...

- to the turn of the century.
- [Yawning Loudly ]

The simplest and most popular
way to tip... a hat...

is the Chatman Street method.
- [ Muffled Chuckle ]
- It is performed thusly.

[ Boisterous Laughter ]
You may sit down, Lawrence.

It is unfair to ask you to continue in
the presence of this cackling baboon!

[Very, High Voice ]
Somebody's daddy's missing a leg!

Since you seem so anxious
to interrupt the proceedings
with your infantile babble,

kindly step forward
and give us your presentation.

It would my pleasure,
my dear underpaid professor.

Excuse me.
[ Clears Throat ]

This, my silly, dim-witted
looking classmates,

is a 14th century
Norwegian evening derby.

Very few of these exist today,
and those that do reside in museums
or in the possession...

of extraordinarily rich young men who
happen to have rather large penises.

good-bye, Nathanial.

You are now officially
a fancy lad.

And it is my sincere hope
that you will bring dignity
and humility to that high honor.

Good luck. And do tell
your father I send my regards.

Oh, sure. In fact,
I think I have the picture
of his backside in my wallet...

if you care to kiss it
right here.