Cabin Boy

- [ Man Chuckling ]
- Pardon me--

Get off me.
Oh, geez.
Where are you--

- Stop it! Stop.
- [ Chickens Cackling ]

I've had it with you
bunch of stinkos in here.

You, you, old man.
Look, I am in desperate need
of assistance.

Well, well, well, what's
on your mind, little girl?

I realize that you are most likely
the product of lower class inbreeding.

- But perhaps you could help me.
- Oh, gosh, I certainly hope so.

I have been wandering
this dreary, village...

in hopes of finding
the Queen Catherine.

- You wouldn't have any idea
where she might be docked?
- Ah, you know what you are?

You're one of those
little fancy lads, aren't ya?

[ Chuckling ] Boy, you're cute.
Gosh, what a sweet little outfit.

Is it your little spring outfit?
[ Chuckles ]

You couldn't be cuter.
You're so adorable. Oh, my.

You know, you remind me
of my niece Sally. Lovely girl.

She's a dietitian. Hey.
- Would you like to buy a monkey?
- I don't wanna buy a monkey.

- Are you sure?
- No, I'm on my way. Your family
must be very, proud of you.

We'll see ya, honey.
Hey, wait a minute.
Jennifer, come here.

I can show you
to that ship of yours.

- You will?
- Right down this road.

-Right there.
-Marvelous. I should hurry...

because they're gonna start
the banquet soon and I must
tell you, I am famished.

Well, why wouldn't ya be?
Big girls have big appetites,
don't they? [ Chuckles ]

Listen, do yourself a favor.
Don't let 'em give you any
of that flank steak bullshit.

You know what I'm sayin'?
Try, the London Broil. Yeah.

- That's a good tip. I shall do it.
- Sure, pamper yourself.

- Oh, I will.
- Oh, my. Okay.

Well, I must tell you, for a yellow-eyed,
gamey-smelling lowlife,

-you really have quite
a decent heart about you.
- Well, thanks.

I'm not gonna touch you,
shake your hand or get near you
because you're all of that.

- But I am gonna be on my way.
- Good for you.

-Off I go.
- Hey, listen, have a good trip, Suzy.

- Bye.
- Think about me, all right?
[ Chuckling ]