Cabin Boy

[ Captain ]
Sweet Jake, Hell's Bucket!

Kenny! Get your fat,
worthless ass over here!

- I ain't seen
that little sow anywhere.
- Hey. What the hell is this!

[ Captain ]

Get over here, perfume boy!
Look at this.
Well, I merely suggested
to Kenneth that...

perhaps it would be fun if we set
the ship's course for Hawaii.

-Jesus Christ!
- [ Nathanial ] Why, why, why,

had I known he'd be blown overboard
by a gust of wind, I never
would have suggested it.

Get outta my sight
before you join him!

- What, I--
- Aaah!

[ High-Pitched Screaming ]
[ Clouds Chuckling ]
If I'd have just listened
to Mommy, I'd have gone into
the goddamned butcher business,

and I wouldn't be in this predicament
in the first place.

""Oh, no, Daddy,
I wants to be a sailor.''

[ Mumbling ] Goddammit. Fuck it.
I'll never get out of here.

And the net's torn to pieces.
Goddammit, what am I supposed
to do now? Catch 'em with my hands?

We're in deep shit, Greybar.
What the hell are we gonna do?

What do you think?
Give me a clue, will ya?

The engine's flooded,
the mizzenmast is down...

- and we got a crack in
the mid-section that's drawing water.
- Wonderful!

Aaah! We got
any options here?

The only thing to do as far as
I can tell is find a safe harbor
and fix the boat.

As you know, there's only one island
in Hell's Bucket and I am not crazy
about landing there.

Yeah, well, I ain't crazy about
sittin' on a boat till she sinks
and we wind up flounder shit.

Yeah, those flounders
are bloodthirsty bastards.

Looks like we ain't
got a choice.

If we don't make it to that island,
we're all gonna end up on the bottom.